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Ryan Kangail

Travel Freedom Founder

Welcome to Travel Freedom, where we turn your travel dreams into real life itineraries, by using points and miles instead of money.  I've learned how to travel as much as I want, while spending basically nothing.  My goal is to pass on to you, how it's done.

Here's a bit about myself.  I’m a traveler, an entrepreneur at heart, an athlete, a creator, a problem solver, and I love a good deal.  I started Travel Freedom because I want to teach you everything I’ve learned about travel over the past decade. I will teach you that it's possible to travel whenever and wherever you want, for the rest of your life, without spending much money at all.

I'm from Oregon and have lived within the state for the entirety of my life.  I graduated from the University of Oregon and am a die hard Duck fan. I love watching both football and basketball and have been a season ticket holder for basketball since 2013.

I’ve loved travel since I was a child when my grandparents lived in Hawaii.  My family would visit Maui every few years and I fell in love with traveling and adventure.  Like most people, I found taking vacations to be very expensive and difficult to do often.  That all changed when I discovered traveling with points and miles in 2012.  It has literally changed my life.  I can travel wherever in the world I want without ever having to spend much, if any, money for flights and accommodations.

For a little more about me, check out the article where I Interview myself on the benefits of free travel. Or check out our featured posts on Million Mile Secrets and The Points Guy.

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If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. I'd love to help you learn to travel for free.

I can also help you figure out which travel credit card you should get.

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