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apple credit card review

The Apple credit card is great for paying at Apple Stores. However, as far as other transactions are concerned, you must keep other credit cards as well. Keeping this card is worthwhile since it has no annual fees. If you are a huge Apple fan and buy a lot of their products, this may be a good card for you.


Zero Interest Finance Option

The Apple card has zero interest finance options for eligible Apple product purchases made inside 30 days of getting your account opened. If you choose to use this option, you will have to make sure that you pay the full bill by the end of the promo period or else you may end up being charged with interest. Since this offer is valid for up to 30 days (after opening your account), you should look towards other zero interest credit cards after the expiration of 30 days if you want to enjoy zero interest finance options.


Minimum Point Level

One limitation is the reward threshold. You will get points for every purchase that you make with this card at the Apple store. Your points are automatically redeemed each time they cross 2,500. You will then receive an iTunes or Apple gift card which has a value of $25. Therefore, you will have to wait for your points to cross the 2,500 level before they can be redeemed.


The card has a good reward rate for making purchases at the Apple store and also for dinging out. But if you use it to buy groceries or to spend at a gas station, you will get a very modest 1 percent cash back reward. For such purchases, it will be wise to keep some other card that offers better rewards.


Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards Features and Benefits

The basic reward structure is this: you will get points for every purchase made with this card at the Apple store which can then be redeemed to obtain Apple gift cards. You will earn 3 points for each dollar that you spend at the Apple retail store, at Apple.com, the iTunes store or 1-800-MY-APPLE. You can also earn 2 points on each dollar that you spend at restaurants and just one point for each dollar that you spend anywhere else. From the reward structure, it is clear that the Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards credit card is best for Apple purchases and good enough for dining out. It is not terribly attractive for other purchases but then you have several options for cash back rewards credit cards that will give you good returns for these types of purchases.

apple credit card


No Annual Fees

With the Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards credit card, you will earn attractive rewards for making purchases at the Apple store. Since it does not have an annual fee, you don’t need to use this card too frequently. With annual fees, you have to earn enough rewards so that they breakeven with the annual fee. Even if your hard earned rewards are in excess of the annual fee, they are greatly diminished by the annual fee and this makes the card unattractive. You can use this credit card at your own discretion and enjoy peace of mind.


Gift Cards

Whenever you earn 2,500 points, an iTunes or Apple gift card worth $25 is automatically sent towards you. During your application, you may specify whether you would like to receive an Apple gift card or an iTunes gift card. You cannot use your accumulated points in any other way.


Interest-free Purchase Financing

Besides earning rewards, you can use the Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards credit card to obtain interest-free financing. This card may be used to finance Apple store purchases interest-free. Keep in mind though that this offer is open only for purchases made within 30 days of opening your account.


You cannot decide the time duration of the payment period. The financing period is determined by the price of the credit purchase that you made. Here is the list of finance period durations based on purchase price:

  • For purchases under $499, finance period is 6 months.
  • On purchases that range from $499 to under $999, the finance period is 12 months.
  • For purchases that go from $999 to $1.499, the finance period is 18 months.
  • On purchases that amount to $1,499 and above, you will enjoy a finance period of 24 months.


As long as you pay the full amount of your purchase by the end of the finance period, you will not have any interest on this type of financing.


However, if you make a late payment or fail to pay the full amount of the purchase, then you will have to pay interest that begins from the date of purchase. In such a case, the interest rate that will be charged to your account will be equal to the credit card’s standard APR.


Comparing the Apple Credit Card to other Cards

While the Apple credit card is great for Apple purchases and for dining out to some extent, it is lacking in other areas. Here is how you can solve this problem:


Chase Freedom Unlimited

The Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards will offer zero-interest finance only for those Apple purchases that are made within just 30 days after your account has been opened. It is quite possible that you are looking for zero-finance option after the expiry of the 30 day promotion period. The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card has an introductory APR offer option that can help you in your purchases for a longer period of time. It will serve you well for a longer period of time than what is offered by the Apple credit card.


The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card provides a long introductory APR period. On top of that, you’ll start earning rewards immediately. The card offers a signup bonus and also earns 1.5% cash back (in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards) on every purchase.


A card that earns rewards on more than just Apple products might make more sense for you. It really depends on how much you really shop directly with Apple.


How to Apply for the Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards Credit Card

  • Go to the Apple credit card page.
  • Click ‘continue’. You will then go to the Barclaycard web application page.
  • Fill in the application form. Barclays can send you a reply within 30 seconds, although certain applications may require more time.
  • You can now shop immediately at the Apple Store once this card has been approved. You must have an Apple ID to use this card.


Our Last Thoughts on the Apple Credit Card

The Barclays Visa with Apple Rewards credit is a must have for die-hard Apple fans. But you will also want to keep other credit cards (mentioned above) to cover you where this card is lacking.


The 3 Best Alternative Credit Cards to Consider

Maybe you can do better than this credit card. If you have good credit, you should consider a few other options that will give you better benefits. The credit cards below are a few of our favorites, especially if you’re interested in traveling more. A few of these cards have signup bonuses that are big enough to redeem for multiple round trip flights. My wife and I used our Chase Sapphire Preferred signup bonus to book round trip flights for the both of us to Hawaii! It was well worth researching and getting the best credit card.


 Cash Back AlternativeCash Back AlternativeTravel Rewards Alternative
Chase Freedom
Apple Credit Card Review: Made for Apple Enthusiasts 1
Chase Freedom Unlimited
Apple Credit Card Review: Made for Apple Enthusiasts 2
Sapphire Preferred
Apple Credit Card Review: Made for Apple Enthusiasts 3
Signup Bonus$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)60,000
Bonus Spending Categories5X on select rotating quarterly categories1.5X on all purchases2X on travel and dining
Annual Fee$0$0$95
Extra PerksBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance
Best for People Who...Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simple 1.5 bonus
points on every purchase you make
Want a large introductory bonus

Like to Travel
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


Decision Time: Which Credit Card is Really the Best for You?

Here at Travel Freedom, we like to travel, which is why we always prefer travel credit cards for ourselves. You might be the same as us or maybe you’d rather use your points as cashback. Either way, all of these cards earn Ultimate Rewards that can be used for either travel or as cash back.


We think that any four of these cards are a better option than the above-reviewed credit card. They earn points that are both valuable and very versatile. You can redeem them for an assortment of things including our favorite, TRAVEL!

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Advertiser Disclosure: Travel Freedom has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Travel Freedom and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.