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Have you ever been on the checkout page of the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal and noticed a box to enter a Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Code? When I see promo code boxes of any online checkout, it makes me wonder if I’m missing out on a discount of some sort.


Well, when it comes to Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo codes, you’re probably not missing out on anything. There have only been a few times in recent years that there was actually a live Ultimate Rewards promotion code, and they were all targeted.


Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal Promo Codes Available in the Past

Most likely you won’t find a current Chase Ultimate Rewards promo code because they don’t offer them very often. As mentioned, over the past few years, there have only been a handful of Chase Ultimate Rewards travel promo codes. Here are some of the previous offers.

  • $100 off a hotel stay of $300 or more
  • $30 off a hotel or flight booking


Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Code on Amazon Purchases

LIVE OFFER: (You may need to link your accounts before the offer is activated)

Amazon Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Code Price: 15 OFF ($60 purchase) Use 1 Ultimate Reward point to get $15 Off your $60 Amazon purchase. (Targeted Offer) Amazon Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Code


PS: There is also a LIVE OFFER for Amex Membership Rewards. ($30 off $60 purchase)


There have also been a few promos in the past that give a discount on Amazon when you redeem at least one Ultimate Rewards point towards the purchase. These Chase Ultimate Rewards promo codes are typically found within your Amazon account if you’ve linked your accounts. At checkout or on the product page, you’ll typically see an offer saying something like “Use Chase Ultimate Rewards to get $15 off your purchase of $60 or more”.


These Amazon offers, like the other Chase Travel Rewards promo codes, are also targeted. They will not be offered to everyone. A good place to find out if there’s a current offer is on Slick Deals where you can search for “Ultimate Rewards Promo Code”.


How to Get Targeted for a Chase Rewards Promo Code

There’s a chance that Chase has had other targeted Ultimate Rewards promo codes on occasion. If you were a targeted Chase customer, they would email to you directly with an Ultimate Rewards promo code. To see if you’ve been targeted for any of these promotions in the past, do a simple search within your email for something like “Chase Promo Code” or “Ultimate Rewards Promo Code”. Any emails that contain those words will show in the results.

chase ultimate rewards promotion code


Which Chase Credit Cards Earn Ultimate Rewards?

If you want more Chase Ultimate Rewards, there are seven credit cards that earn them. There are four personal credit cards and three business cards that offer Ultimate Rewards signup bonuses. The signup bonuses range from 15,000 points all the way up to 80,000 Ultimate Rewards. Here are each of those cards and their signup bonus offers.


The Personal Cards that Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards

 Sapphire Preferred
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 1
Sapphire Reserve
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 2
Chase Freedom
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 3
Freedom Unlimited
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 4
Signup Bonus60,00050,000$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)
Bonus Spending Categories2X on travel and dining3X on travel and dining, 10X on Lyft5% on select rotating quarterly categories1.5% on all purchases
Annual Fee$95$550$0$0
Extra PerksBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance$300 annual travel credit, TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, Priority Pass Select, Lyft Pink, Door Dash statement creditsPurchase protection, extended warrantyPurchase protection, extended warranty
Best for People Who...Want a large introductory bonus

Like to Travel
Want a large introductory bonus

Want luxury travel benefits

Travel often
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simplicity in earning points
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


The Business Cards that Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards

 Ink Bus. Preferred
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 5
Ink Business Cash
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 6
Ink Bus. Unlimited
Chase Ultimate Rewards Promo Codes: Explained & Examined 7
Signup Bonus80,000$500 (50,000 pts)$500 (50,000 pts)
Bonus Spending Categories3X on travel, shipping, internet, cable, phone, and online ads5X on office supply stores, phone, internet, and cable, 2X on gas and dining.1.5X on all purchases
Annual Fee$95$0$0
Extra PerksCell phone protection
Primary Car Rental Insurance
Travel Insurances
Strong 5X Rewards CategoriesPurchase protection, extended warranty, free employee cards
Best for People Who...Want a huge introductory bonus

Spend money advertising online

Want cell phone accident coverage
Want a large introductory bonus

Want no annual fee

Spend money at office supply stores
Want a large introductory bonus

Want no annual fee

Want simplicity in earning through spend
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


Credit card signup bonuses are by far the easiest way to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards. Some of the signup bonuses are worth more than $1000 in travel if you redeem them with Chase travel partners. For example, you can book a roundtrip flight from the west coast to Hawaii for just 25,000 Ultimate Rewards.


Why Ultimate Rewards are the Best Travel Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards is the best loyalty program of all travel points systems. Ultimate Rewards are so valuable because they’re easy to earn and are so flexible to redeem. There are four ways to earn Ultimate Rewards and three ways to redeem them. Chase Ultimate Rewards are just easy to use.


Earning Ultimate Rewards

There are four ways to earn Ultimate Rewards. They can be earned through travel credit card signup bonuses, credit card spending, the online Chase shopping portal, and through referring friends to Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards. After earning Ultimate Rewards, there are three different ways to redeem them.

  1. Credit Card Signup Bonuses
  2. Credit Card Spending
  3. Chase Shopping Portal
  4. Refer a Friend


Earning Ultimate Rewards is done most simply by signing up for Chase Ultimate Rewards travel credit cards. There are primary Ultimate Rewards credit cards and secondary Ultimate Rewards cards. The difference is that the primary cards have more options for redeeming points. They are the only cards that offer Chase transfer partners and they have elevated redemption rates in the Chase travel portal.


Redeeming Ultimate Rewards

There are three ways to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards. The two options that involve travel will earn great point redemption rates of 1-2+ cents per point and one option that is essentially cash back will give an average redemption rate of just 1 cent per point. Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards for travel is by far the best option if you’re looking to get the most value out of your points.

  1. Chase Travel Portal
  2. Chase Transfer Partners
  3. Cashback-Like Redemptions


By far, the most valuable way to redeem Ultimate Rewards is to transfer them to travel partners. There are 13 partner airline and hotel loyalty programs to choose from. They all transfer at a ratio of 1:1 with Ultimate Rewards. You can also book travel through Chase directly, or use your points for cash back, but these redemption options aren’t as valuable as transferring to partners.

chase rewards promo code


Learn More about Chase Ultimate Rewards

As you’ve seen, Chase Ultimate Rewards are very valuable. They are easy to earn and also easy to redeem, making them the most flexible travel points around. If you want to learn how to earn and redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards like a pro, check out our epic guide that covers everything “Ultimate Rewards”. If you’ve already heard enough and are ready to start earning Ultimate Rewards, go ahead and apply for one or more of the credit cards mentioned above.

Chase Freedom Calendar: How to 5X Your Ultimate Rewards 8

Are you looking for the current Chase Freedom Calendar?   We have the current Chase Freedom rewards calendar as well as all the old calendars dating back to 2013.   The Chase Freedom is a great credit card for earning Chase Ultimate Rewards points on purchases. It earns 5X points on quarterly rotating category bonuses. Over the years these bonuses have ranged from grocery stores to gas stations. From movie theaters to Amazon. And, from restaurants to warehouse stores.


Not only does the Chase Freedom credit card have great category bonuses, but it also has no annual fee. Remember to activate your card each quarter. You’ll be reminded through email so it shouldn’t be too hard to remember. Here is the current Chase Freedom cash back calendar: (Remember to activate each quarter)


Chase Freedom Calendar 2020

The 2020 Chase Freedom Calendar offers a couple of popular quarterly category bonuses in quarter 2. Grocery stores should be easy to utilize with more meal preparation happening at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. Streaming services is basically a waste considering each service typically costs about $10 per month. Woohoo, a whopping 50 points… Why even include it? Also, most gyms were closed for at least part of the quarter as well. Anyway, it should be possible to maximize the bonuses each quarter with the use of gift card purchases. I’ve marked categories that sell gift cards to other stores (*):

  1. Gas Stations*, Internet/Cable/Phone, Streaming Services
  2. Grocery stores*, Fitness/Gym Clubs, Streaming Services
  3. Not yet announced
  4. Not yet announced

chase freedom calendar 2020 Q2 categories


Here’s What the Chase Freedom Card Offers

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom Calendar: How to 5X Your Ultimate Rewards 9
You'll earn $150 (in the form of 15,000 Ultimate Rewards points) after spending $500 in the first 3 months.
You'll earn 5% on rotating quarterly categories. (up to $1500 in purchases per quarter)
Points can be transferred to primary Chase cards for better redemptions.
Free credit score.
No annual fee
This is one of the best "cash back" cards for earning rewards. You can earn up to 5X per dollar and those points can be transferred to a primary Chase card for better redemptions. It's a perfect card to pair with either of the Sapphire cards or the Ink Business Preferred.


Did You Know: You Can Multiply the Value of Your Ultimate Rewards?

Not everyone knows about it, but there’s a secret trick that can double the value of your Chase Ultimate Rewards. Chase Ultimate Rewards are worth just 1 cent each when redeemed using the Chase Freedom card.  Even though Chase doesn’t announce it, your Ultimate Rewards points are transferable between different Chase card accounts. They’re even transferable between different peoples’ accounts (household members). This is important because, with some of the premium Chase credit cards, it’s possible to redeem points at a higher value.


Double Your Ultimate Rewards Value

If you redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards through the travel portal. Only certain Chase credit cards have access to the travel portal though. The Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred offers 1.25 cents per points (25% more value) while the Chase Sapphire Reserve offers a whopping 1.5 cents per point (50% more value) by redeeming points through the travel portal!

Chase Freedom Rewards Calendar


Credit Cards with Chase Travel Portal Bonuses:


All three of these credit cards also come with the ability to use Chase’s travel transfer partners. You can transfer Ultimate Rewards to these travel partners at a 1:1 ratio. By using your points with airlines or hotels it’s possible to redeem points for well over 2 cents each. Pairing these premium Chase credit cards with your Freedom card multiplies your redemption value by double more.


Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Freedom Calendar: How to 5X Your Ultimate Rewards 10
You'll earn 60,000 points after spending $4000 in the first 3 months.
You'll earn 2X points on travel and dining.
Points are worth 25% more when used in the Chase travel portal.
No foreign transaction fees.
1:1 point transfer partner hotels and airlines.
No foreign transaction fees.
This is the best first travel credit card to get. It has a valuable signup bonus with easy to redeem points. You also get a boost to your points value in the Chase travel portal.


Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Freedom Calendar: How to 5X Your Ultimate Rewards 11
You'll earn 50,000 points after spending $4000 in the first 3 months.
You'll earn 3X points on travel and dining.
Also Earn a total of 10X points on Lyft rides.
$300 annual travel credit.
Priority Pass Select airport lounge access.
TSA PreCheck or Global Entry.
Points are worth 50% more when used in the Chase travel portal.
No foreign transaction fees.
1:1 point transfers to partner hotels and airlines.
1 year of Lyft Pink.
No foreign transaction fees.
This is one of the best premium travel credit cards if you want some luxury. It has a valuable signup bonus with easy to redeem points. You also get a boost to your points value in the Chase travel portal. The biggest key to this card is the airport lounge access. If you travel a lot, it's extremely valuable.


Ink Business Preferred

Chase Freedom Calendar: How to 5X Your Ultimate Rewards 12
You'll earn 80,000 points after spending $5000 in the first 3 months.
You'll earn 3X points on travel and select business expenses (including online social media ads).
*Limited to first $150k per year.
Points are worth 25% more when used in the Chase travel portal.
No foreign transaction fees.
Employee cards at no additional cost.
No foreign transaction fees.
The signup bonus alone for this card is amazing. Pair that with some great rewards earning for your business and this card is great. If you have a business, we find the Ink Preferred to be the best offer available.


Past Chase Freedom 5% Calendars

If you’re interested, here’s what was offered in the past. The Chase Freedom calendar’s category bonuses have evolved over the years. For the most part, the offers have become better and better. Having the Chase Freedom in your wallet has been quite the benefit over the past few years if you were able to maximize it’s category bonuses.  Each year it’s possible to earn up to 30,000 points, which is more than enough to take a round-trip flight.


Chase Freedom Calendar 2019

The 2019 Chase Freedom Calendar offered a couple of popular quarterly category bonuses in quarter 2. Grocery stores and home improvement stores should be easy to utilize with those Spring projects you’ve got waiting to be finished. Not seeing Chase Pay on the list once again is a bit surprising. Maybe they’ve finally ditched trying to push Chase Pay. Has anyone actually used it for any reason other than earning extra points? Anyway, it should be possible to maximize the bonuses each quarter. I’ve marked categories that sell gift cards to other stores (*):

  1. Gas Stations*, Tolls, Drugstores*
  2. Grocery stores*, Home improvement stores*
  3. Gas Stations, Select Streaming Services
  4. Department Stores, Paypal, Chase Pay

chase freedom calendar 2019 quarter 4 october november december


Chase Freedom Calendar 2018

2018  was the year of Chase Pay as it was a bonus category three out of four quarters.

  1. Gas Stations, Internet/Cable/Phone Services, Chase Pay/Google Pay/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay
  2. Grocery Stores (not including Walmart & Target), Paypal, Chase Pay
  3. Gas Stations, Lyft, Walgreens
  4. Department Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Chase Pay

Chase Freedom Calendar wide


Chase Freedom Calendar 2017

2017 was a good year for maximizing the bonus categories each quarter. It also introduced Walmart as a category bonus in quarter 4:

  1. Gas Stations, Transportation
  2. Grocery Stores, Drugstores
  3. Restaurants, Movie Theaters
  4. Walmart, Department Stores

Chase Freedom Calendar 2017


Chase Freedom Calendar 2016

2016 was very similar to the previous year.  It gave a decent shot at reaching the maximum bonus rewards each quarter.  Wholesale clubs were very popular:

  1. Gas Stations, Transportation
  2. Grocery Stores, Wholesale Clubs
  3. Restaurants, Wholesale Clubs
  4. Department Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Drug Stores

Chase Freedom Calendar 2016


Chase Freedom Calendar 2015

In 2015 the categories got a little bit better.  There was a real chance of maximizing the category bonuses:

  1. Grocery Stores, Movie Theaters, Starbucks
  2. Restaurants, Bed Bath & Beyond, H&M,
  3. Gas Stations, etc
  4., etc

Chase Freedom Calendar 2015


Chase Freedom Calendar 2014

2014 was a little more useful than 2013, giving customers a better chance of maximizing their bonuses each quarter:

  1. Gas Stations, Movie Theaters, Starbucks
  2. Restaurants, Lowe’s
  3. Gas Stations, Kohl’s
  4.,, Select Department Stores

Chase Freedom Calendar 2014


Chase Freedom Calendar 2013

2013 brought us a selection of category bonuses, but some of them were difficult to maximize.

  1. Gas Stations, Drugstores, Starbucks
  2. Restaurants, Movie Theaters
  3. Gas Stations, Theme Parks, Kohl’s
  4. Select Department Stores,

Chase Freedom Calendar 2013


As you can see, having a Chase Freedom credit card can pay off. Earning 5X points on many purchases can earn you a free round-trip flight each year or more. When you bundle your Freedom card with other premier Chase credit cards, you can redeem those points for even more. The Chase Ultimate Rewards system is the best in the market. The Chase Freedom is one of the easiest ways to earn Ultimate Rewards. If you don’t have one yet, you should think about adding it to your wallet.

RewardStock Review

In November, The travel company RewardStock was featured on the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank”. Shark Tank is a television show that features entrepreneurs looking to find investors in their company. On the show, RewardStock introduced their company with this pitch.

“RewardStock helps travelers earn, track, and book trips with reward points like frequent flyer miles, credit card rewards and hotel points. Don’t have any points? RewardStock creates customized plans to help you get the points you need quickly, saving money on travel and empowering you to experience more.”


Here’s what RewardStock Says they Do

  • Algorithm-powered search results
  • Search best reward deals for many popular destinations
  • Easy, expert-assisted reward bookings
  • Strategic earning guidance
  • Customize parameters for your situation

“RewardStock will save you more money on travel than any other site. That’s a fact!”


In the end, shark Mark Cuban (known for owning the Dallas Mavericks) invested $320,000 in exchange for 10% ownership of the RewardStock company. This means that RewardStock is valued at $3.2 million.


A friend of mine mentioned the upcoming episode to me, knowing that I’m deep in the travel points community. As I watched the pitch live, I had a hard time believing that what they were claiming they did was even fully possible. I also wondered how, if they had this service, I had never heard of RewardStock before. I literally follow hundreds of travel blogs on a daily basis in order to keep up with the industry.


Honestly, as I watched the episode live, I was astonished that any of the sharks invested. After RewardStocks CEO, Jon gave his pitch, there was a definite concern about the suggested valuation of $4 million, but two of the sharks were still interested. RewardStock said that their revenue over the past two years had been $50,000. They make their money through referrals to credit cards and membership fees. Kevin O’Leary offered $200,000 for 10% of the company, but Mark Cuban came in to make a deal at $320,000 for 10% ownership.


Knowing the travel points industry, I know how many different factors go into booking a flight with points. It’s not a cut and dry formula that could easily be turned into an algorithm, which is what RewardStock claims they’ve done. After the Shark Tank episode aired, I decided to pay the $29 membership to see if they could really stand by their promises.


Why was I astonished that Mark Cuban Invested?

  1. Being involved in the travel rewards world for the past six years, I understand how complicated award flight booking can be. I also understand that booking reward flights isn’t always a cut and dry formula. Sometimes, there are a lot of variables that go into booking a flight that would seem to be hard to automate.
  2. The valuation of RewardStock seemed nothing less than absurd to me. Mark Cuban paid $320,000 for 10% of the company (+1% in advisory shares). That means that they valued the company at approximately $3.2 million!
  3. rewardstock valuation
  4. Really?!? What the… OK (deep breath), time to dig deeper into this service. Let’s find out if RewardStock seems like a company that should be worth $3.2 million.


Don’t get me wrong… What RewardStock claims that they offer would be AMAZING if they could truly do it. But, as I figured, after signing up for an account to see how in the world they did it, I realized that they are far from what they claim to be. Their $29 service is far from valuable for most people, including me. It straight up doesn’t work correctly. In fact, there are free tools and services online that work better than RewardStock does. I’ll tell you about those too.


Booking a Flight on RewardStock

The main feature of RewardStock is booking award flights all over the world with their “proprietary algorithm”. Let’s find out how this algorithm works. We’ll analyze whether it’s easy to use, and if we can really find the best deals with it.


What RewardStock Flight Booking is Supposed to Do

RewardStock is supposed to allow you to easily book award flights using the least amount of points possible. This is the procedure to search for award flights on RewardStock:


  1. Search your destination at the top of your account. (No date selection – you can only input a requested month)
  2. RewardStock takes a minute or so to find a flight. (It’s SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW and don’t leave that tab or it suspends your search)
  3. RewardStock comes back with a result. (Often the flight dates are terrible. Like a 1 day trip to Bangkok or a 27 day trip to Las Vegas… only at this point can you change your dates)
  4. Change the dates that you’d actually like to fly – one at a time. Then search again. It’s very clunky.
  5. Get your flight results. (Unfortunately, they usually aren’t actually the best option. So much for that proprietary algorithm…)
  6. If you like the results, click “Book Now”
  7. Enter your passenger information, your tolerance to a price or point change, and your credit card info for payment of taxes & fees, including a $10 booking fee.
  8. Schedule a booking call. (They are typically 2-3 days out)
  9. RewardStock will conduct any points transfers needed.
  10. RewardStock will book your trip within approximately 48 hours.
  11. You will later have to finalize seat selections and trip details for yourself.


When you begin to search, you quickly realize that RewardStock does not support all locations. After looking at their frequently asked questions, I found that they only support 35 points of origin (only in the US) and 30 destinations worldwide. Quickly, the value of RewardStock is diminishing.


Here are the 35 RewardStock cities of origin. (If you don’t live near one of these airports, RewardStock is of no value to you)

  • ABQ (Albuquerque, NM)
  • ANC (Anchorage, AK)
  • ATL (Atlanta, GA)
  • AUS (Austin, TX)
  • BNA (Nashville, TN)
  • BOS (Boston MA)
  • CHI (Chicago, IL – ORD, MDW)
  • CLE (Cleveland, OH)
  • CLT (Charlotte, NC)
  • CVG (Cincinnati, OH)
  • DEN (Denver, CO)
  • DFW (Dallas, TX)
  • DTW (Detroit, MI)
  • HNL (Honolulu, HI)
  • IAH (Houston, TX)
  • LAS (Las Vegas, NV)
  • LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • MCI (Kansas City, MO)
  • MCO (Orlando, FL)
  • MIA (Miami, FL)
  • MSP (Minneapolis, MN)
  • MSY (New Orleans, LA)
  • LGA, JFK, EWR (New York, NY)
  • OMA (Omaha, NE)
  • PDX (Portland, OR)
  • PHL (Philadelphia, PA)
  • PHX (Phoenix, AZ)
  • PIT (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • RDU (Raleigh, NC)
  • SAN (San Diego, CA)
  • SEA (Seattle, WA)
  • SFO, OAK (San Francisco, CA)
  • SLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • STL (St. Louis, MO)
  • DCA, IAD, BWI (Washington, DC)


That’s quite a few large airports in the US that RewardStock covers. I’m happy with those locations to start a trip from. The problem though is their lack of destinations. There are only 30 destinations that RewardStock will book your vacation.


Here’s the list of the 30 RewardStock destinations. (If these destinations aren’t of interest to you, RewardStock is of no value)

  • AKL (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • AMS (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • BCN (Barcelona, Spain)
  • BKK (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • CHI (Chicago, IL – ORD, MDW)
  • CPT (Capetown, South Africa)
  • CUN (Cancun, Mexico)
  • DPS (Bali, Indonesia)
  • DUB (Dublin, Ireland)
  • DXB (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • HKG (Hong Kong)
  • HNL (Honolulu, HI)
  • KEF (Iceland)
  • LAS (Las Vegas, NV)
  • LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • LON (London, England)
  • MAD (Madrid, Spain)
  • MBJ (Montego Bay, Jamaica)
  • MCO (Orlando, FL)
  • MLE (Maldives)
  • LGA, JFK, EWR (New York, NY)
  • PAR (Paris, France)
  • PPT (French Polynesia)
  • PUJ (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic)
  • ROM (Rome, Italy)
  • SEA (Seattle, WA)
  • SFO, OAK (San Francisco, CA)
  • SIN (Singapore)
  • SYD (Sydney, Australia)
  • TYO (Tokyo, Japan)


With only 30 destinations, RewardStock leaves a lot to be desired. I feel like the people who would use this service would want many more destination options.


How RewardStock Works in Reality

Initially, I have a few concerns about this process. First off, why can’t I choose dates that I want to fly or even a range of times to fly within from the beginning? For some reason, you must wait until the search has completed before changing the departure date or return date. You also must do these changes one at a time, which is very clunky and sometimes doesn’t even work.


The next concern is that booking is not immediate and is delayed by multiple days to conduct the booking call and for them to transfer points. Well, if you’ve booked flights with points before, you know that what’s available now can be gone the next day or even the next hour. What happens if they transfer your points from your Ultimate Rewards account to your Southwest account and then the flight is no longer available?


The biggest concern I have with RewardStock is that their algorithm doesn’t actually give search results with the best flight options. I did multiple searches for flights using only Southwest Rapid Rewards as my points. Here are the results compared to results directly from Southwest’s own award search.


PDX-LGA Roundtrip for 2 passengers (May 21-27)

Search Results on RewardStock: 76k Rapid Rewards + $22.40 + $10 fee 

rewardstock flights


PDX-LGA Roundtrip for 2 passengers (May 21-27)

Search Results on 57.9k Rapid Rewards + $22.40 (24% Less points than RewardStock)

rewardstock review southwest flights



Obviously, RewardStock did not bring back results for the best flights possible using points. Let’s try again…


PDX-LAS Roundtrip for 2 passengers (May 23-27)

Search Results on RewardStock: 58k Rapid Rewards + $22.40 + $10 fee

rewardstock search


PDX-LAS Roundtrip for 2 passengers (May 23-27)

Search Results on 33.3k Rapid Rewards + $22.40 (43% less points than RewardStock)

rewardstock review southwest airlines


Let’s See Which Flights RewardStock Chose as the Best (Highlighted Green)

rewardstock southwest results


rewardstock southwest search results


Now, I’m no proprietary algorithm, but those don’t look like the best flight options to me. In both directions, there were available options that had fewer stops and were offered for far fewer points than the options that RewardStock chose as the “best”.


After comparing these flights to Southwest directly, I have just one question for you. Would you really want the RewardStock algorithm choosing your flights for you?


Tracking Your Reward Points on RewardStock

RewardStock has an area in your account for tracking all of your loyalty points. You can add programs and then enter the number of points or miles you currently have. Everything in the points tracker must be input manually. Every time you use or earn points, you’ll need to manually update the balances.


Another service called Award Wallet does this as well, but everything is automated. They pull the info from your real loyalty accounts to update your balances. Award Wallet also keeps track of expiration dates for your points and allows you to log in to your loyalty programs without having to remember all the passwords.


On RewardStocks point tracker you cannot add more than one account in each loyalty program. This means that if you have multiple accounts or want to add your spouse’s loyalty account, you’ll need to make another RewardStock account.


RewardStocks “Personalized” Credit Card Recommendations

(This is Hilarious…)

One of the main features of RewardStock is their personalized credit card recommendations. They say they will find the perfect credit card specifically for you, taking into effect your travel preferences, current reward portfolio, monthly credit card spending, and other factors.


They say this feature is what “sets RewardStock apart from other tools or travel hacking blogs is that we don’t make blanket recommendations. We make personalized, credit card recommendations. Our proprietary algorithm determines the best credit card for you based on your unique portfolio.” Their words, not mine. This is a pretty comical statement. You’ll see why in a second.


What Does RewardStocks Credit Card Recommendation “Algorithm” Really Do?

I tested out their so-called “Personalized Credit Card Recommendation Algorithm that sets them apart”. What did I find out?


No matter what your travel preferences, current reward portfolio, or monthly credit card spending look like, they recommend THE EXACT SAME CARDS FOR EVERYONE! How’s that for setting themselves apart?!?


I tested out their credit card recommendation tool with different credit cards and awards in my account already and found that the results were the same every single time. Does that sound like it’s personalized to you? It doesn’t to me…


It Gets Even Better…

The RewardStock “algorithm” is actually just a simple list of credit cards that they recommend in order, leaving a card out if you already have it. Here’s RewardStocks recommended credit card order, no matter what your specific travel needs are.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred
  2. Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card (personal) Learn More >>
  3. British Airways Visa Signature
  4. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite
  5. American Express Gold Card Learn More >>
  6. *Chase Ink Plus – Huh?!? WOW, this credit card hasn’t existed since 2016 when it was discontinued! This alone, says a lot about RewardStock…
  7. Alaska Airlines Visa Signature (personal)
  8. CitiBusiness AAdvantage Platinum Select
  9. Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite
  10. **Hilton HHonors Surpass Card – Yet, another discontinued credit card being recommended by RewardStock. Obviously, these aren’t “personalized recommendations”.


* FYI: The Chase Ink Plus was discontinued in 2016. Its replacement card in the Chase-branded credit cards line is the Ink Business Preferred, which we consider to have the best current signup bonus.

** FYI: The Hilton HHonors Surpass card was discontinued in 2018 and replaced by the Hilton Honors American Express Ascend card. Learn More >>


I’ll stop there as I’ve seen enough in the first ten cards. As I mentioned above, this is the list of cards that RewardStock recommends in order that they recommend them. It doesn’t matter what your travel profile looks like, you’ll get these exact same recommendations, in this exact same order from RewardStock. Nice work…


What is RewardBoost?

RewardBoost is a feature of RewardStock that you can activate in the “My Cards” tab. To activate RewardBoost, you must give them your personal, financial, and business information. According to RewardStock, after activation, they will find the perfect card for you each year. Supposedly, then they’ll automatically apply for you after confirmation of your “perfect card” (seems legally unsound, but I’m no lawyer).



After seeing their recommended cards above I don’t know that I would want to see my “perfect card” for this year. I’m going to call off investigating this feature a little prematurely, simply because I don’t trust them with my financial information. They claim that your information is secure from their SSL encryption, but with all the data breaches at large companies lately, I doubt that’s entirely true.


Want a Real Personalized Travel Credit Card Recommendation?

If you actually want a personalized travel credit card recommendation, you can check out our 100% free Credit Card Consultation. It’s simple. Here’s how it works. You answer a few quick questions about your travel preferences, your current credit cards, and whether you can apply for business cards or not. Then, we research the current travel credit card offers in the market and pair them up to your travel preferences to find the top 3 travel credit card options for you.


Our service is actually personalized as I do the research myself for each individual person. Did I mention that it’s FREE?


Don’t Want to Wait? Here are the Best Overall Travel Credit Card Offers

Credit Card Introductory OfferAnnual FeeOur Thoughts 
Chase Sapphire Preferred RewardStock Review after Shark Tank Appearance: and for that Reason, I'm Out! 13 60,000 points$95Best first travel credit card.LEARN HOW TO APPLY >>
Capital One VentureRewardStock Review after Shark Tank Appearance: and for that Reason, I'm Out! 1450,000 miles$95 (waived year 1)Great travel rewards credit card for simplicity.LEARN HOW TO APPLY >>
Chase Sapphire Reserve RewardStock Review after Shark Tank Appearance: and for that Reason, I'm Out! 15 50,000 points$550Best premium travel rewards credit cardLEARN HOW TO APPLY >>
Amex PlatinumRewardStock Review after Shark Tank Appearance: and for that Reason, I'm Out! 1660,000 points$550Best ultra luxury travel rewards credit card.LEARN HOW TO APPLY >>
Ink Business PreferredRewardStock Review after Shark Tank Appearance: and for that Reason, I'm Out! 1780,000 points$95Best business travel rewards credit card.LEARN HOW TO APPLY >>


What People are Saying that Have Tried Using RewardStock

From my own review of RewardStock, it’s obvious that they aren’t what they say they are. I give them credit that it’s a good idea. I’d also love to see them make their algorithms work the way that they say they do.


If RewardStock could truly automate booking flights with award points getting the lowest fares, everyone involved in award travel, including myself, would use their service in a heartbeat. Paying $29 a year to be able to book any flights with points at the click of a button would be nothing short of amazing. I’m skeptical that RewardStock will ever be able to accomplish that, considering the variables of booking award flights.


Because I don’t want to rely just on my own review of the RewardStock system, I searched the internet for other people who have attempted to use RewardStock. Here’s what they had to say.


“I tried the site the same evening the episode aired and quickly realized that it didn’t come close to properly utilizing miles nor calculating pricing. There is so much potential for a site like this, but they need folks like me on board.”

-@MrMAGATron (twitter)


“I was a beta user for RewardStock but haven’t really used it in the past year. I personally was never able to find the award space they claimed to have.”



“I signed up and paid the $29. It was a big waste. You cannot pick specific dates of travel – only months. You cannot pick the time of trip – you have to go with the dates they provide. It will not provide the flight numbers to verify. It does not provide the hotel options. Its a massive push towards affiliate credit card offers. I emailed – no response. I had to set an appointment in their automated system for 2 weeks out before I can speak with someone. I’ll be canceling and disputing the charges. Nothing about what they said they provide is accurate.”



“I paid the $29, entered my points, linked my accounts, etc. I was horrified when I got a pop-up asking me to accept their ability to link to my Gmail account. It said by accepting, I agreed to allow them to read, compose and delete my emails. I’m not sure it was really their site or if somehow I was redirected to another fake site, so be aware and cautious.

I could not link my Sapphire Reserve account and only one of my Alaska Miles accounts, fair enough, the other is my wife’s. She would require her own account. All other accounts linked ok. My Hilton Honors card is the only one that actually updated. While trying to book a trip to Kona, it could not find the airport (KOA). I decided to book a fake trip to see what it would cost. I did MUCH, MUCH better on my own.

Airfare to the Maldives cost me $34 plus 554,000 points one way, one flier. I was able to book 2 round trip for 165,000 points on my own. I’m a Point junky. I have over 4 million various points that I’m hoarding for retirement. I have a spreadsheet to help me track everything. That said, it was very easy for me to save way more than RewardStock could. I plan on calling AmEx in the morning to have them stop payment and I’ll cancel my account. Maybe Mark Cuban can invest in making the site work as intended.”

-Jim C


“It’s a shame that they don’t seem to offer any sort of free trial period either.”

-William C


After looking around at different sources, it was clear that RewardStock customers aren’t very happy with the service. RewardStock clearly has a lot of room for improvement.


Free Alternatives to RewardStock that Actually Work Better

Award Points Flight Search: AwardHacker

  • Find out how many points are needed from each airline to fly certain routes
  • See where you can transfer points from to get the points needed for a flight
  • Compatible for ANY routes
  • 100% Free


Award Point Tracking: Award Wallet

  • Track unlimited award point accounts
  • Includes all programs: credit card points, airlines, hotels, others
  • Award points expiration notifications so you don’t lose any points
  • Tracks travel vouchers and upgrades
  • Updates point balances automatically
  • Auto-login feature for your award accounts
  • Free (option to upgrade to paid account for $30/year for extra features)


Personalized Travel Credit Card Recommendations: Travel Freedom

  • Free travel credit card consultation
  • Personalized to each traveler’s needs
  • Get the top 3 travel credit card recommendations within a day or two


As you can see, there are free alternatives to each feature that RewardStock offers. These free services are actually much better than RewardStock, in my opinion. Plus, there’s no fee to use them which is always nice.


Decision Time: Was Mark Cuban’s Investment a Good One?

I can’t say that it was. At this point, all signs lead to this investment being a waste of Mark Cuban’s money. If RewardStock doesn’t improve their service tremendously over the next year, I would imagine they will have an extremely high churn rate. Meaning that no one will re-up on their subscription to RewardStocks service.

They would likely already be seeing this type of behavior if they gave refunds to unhappy customers. Most good services I’ve ever used offer at least a one-month money-back guarantee, but here are RewardStocks terms:

“Note that membership fees are non-refundable, but you will not be billed in the future after you cancel.”


What surprises me the most about Mark Cuban investing, is that RewardStock also received an investment of $350,000 during their seed funding in 2015 (according to They don’t seem to have done much with that original $350,000 considering barely anything they offer works well.


While on Shark Tank, the CEO, Jon, said that the money would be for the development of RewardStock by programmers, so maybe they will be able to improve it drastically. We’ll have to wait and see…


In the future, I hope to retest RewardStock in the hopes that it’s improved and will be something very useful. In the meantime, I’ll still be booking my flights manually.

janice lintz travel interview

Welcome to the first episode of Travel Freedom’s “Traveling With Points” interview series.  We will regularly be featuring travelers who take advantage of points and miles to enjoy adventures all around the world.  You will get a glimpse into the lives of people who are already traveling by using points and miles.  Let’s get it started and jump into our first ever interview!

Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself

My name is Janice Lintz

I am passionate about travel and good food.  I travel for food.

I am divorced and have two grown children, ages 24 and 20.

I live in NYC.

I grew up traveling.


How long have you been traveling with points and miles?

Since American Airlines (AA) introduced points, but I grew up with a mother who always chased the deal. She once booked the Eastern Airlines promotion where we could fly anywhere Eastern Airlines flew for 21 days as long as we went in the same direction. It was an incredible trip to Bermuda, Jamaica, Las Vegas and Mexico. We looked like jet-setters when we were just a typical American family.


How did you first find out about this somewhat secret world?

Someone told me about the AA card when AA introduced it. But I upped my game when I met a couple at a safari lodge in South Africa who told me I could get two free Park Hyatt nights from a sign-up bonus. I had never heard of sign-up bonuses until then. I was obtaining points from regular spend. Learning about the sign-up rewards was a game changer.


What was the first trip you took using miles and points?

We flew to Nepal using points. Although, at the time we could only fly to Frankfurt on AA and then we had to pay for the flight from Frankfurt to Kathmandu.

Whats the best credit card introductory bonus youve ever received?

Recently, the Ritz Carlton bonus was initially three-nights free at a four-star Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton Aruba fell into this category. My status at the time entitled me to free breakfast, and the front desk clerk insisted my stay included a resort credit. The hotel knew it was my birthday, so they upgraded my room and provided me with special treats. A standard room alone would have cost $1,908, but I paid nothing. My fantastic stay was an incredible use of my certificates. Plus, I received the travel credit and the other perks. Sadly, the card no longer exists.

janice lintz traveling with points

Near Aruba’s Natural Pool which is a “must see.”

Although, years ago, AA used to give free night certificates with AA awards. For some bizarre reason, we never used them. But once we returned home from France and our home’s construction wasn’t finished. The contractor didn’t get around to installing the staircase. So we had to move to a hotel.

Suddenly, I remembered having a stack of free night certificates. We took the pile and booked a room at the newly opened, first W Hotel, on Lexington Avenue in NYC. The room was so tiny that we had to be upgraded multiple times to fit four people in the room. The manager wasn’t happy that we were about to camp out in the hotel for about a month for free. Plus, my children didn’t fit the profile of the W’s demographic. The manager agreed to let us stay for a week. My daughter still remembers marching down the elevator in her school uniform and wondering why everyone wore black?


What do your friends and family think of your points and miles traveling?

My children and friends think I am insane but yet, they can’t believe the trips I take. My daughter has zero interest in obtaining sign-up bonuses, but she is happy to join me on trips.

As good as I am, I think my mother was better than me. She would never leave a point on the table. When my mother died, she was so frustrated that she couldn’t use or gift us some points, that she used them to obtain gift cards. She refused to draft a will, but she left a stack of gift cards for my brothers and me.


What is the best trip youve taken? Tell us a little bit about it.

janice lintz traveling with points

In Burundi, dining at Cercle Nautique De Bujumbura and request the table on the terrace to dine adjacent to the hippos. Does it get better than this?

After my divorce, the judge stuck me with substantial legal bills despite me being the non-monied spouse. I have never carried debt in my life. So, I slashed every expense. I sold my car, cut chords and eliminated shopping to pay-off the six-figure debt. I am never one to waste a crisis and view obstacles as opportunities. One attorney permitted me to pay him using credit cards and didn’t charge me interest. So, each payment to him resulted in a sign-up bonus. In about three years, I earned over two-million points in sign-up bonuses alone excluding free nights. The points and sign-up bonuses have enabled me to take incredible trips.

My most recent trip was epic. I traveled for seven weeks in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. All of my international flights were on points. I went to Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia for transit, Burundi, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Zambia, Mozambique, and Malawi. My goal is to visit every country in the world, and this trip added quite a few new destinations.

janice lintz traveling with points

Above: In Zanzibar, go to The Rock Restaurant for an incredible meal at one of the coolest restaurants on a rock. Pro-tip: You may need to walk through the water in low tide so don’t wear a long dress and bring swim shoes.

I transferred Amex points to Aeroplan for Ethiopian Airlines (ET) flights, since Aeroplan allows one stop in addition to an open-jaw. My flights were EWR>ABJ>ADD>BJM and then LLW>EWR (airport codes).

Plus, ET had an overnight in ADD with a free hotel. Although, the hotel was disgusting, so if I ever transit again, I would pay for my room next time. Free is not good when the sheets and carpet are stained.

Planning the trip was complicated until I discovered an outstanding site, Its a game changer and simplified the process for me.

For flights, I used Citi Thank You points when flights weren’t available on points, or the airline like Rwandair didn’t participate in a frequent flier program. Plus, I saved 20% off the airfare while earning points when available. Amex had a terrific 25% transfer bonus to Flying Blue before the program changed this summer. One of the best cards which is not well known is the MERRILL+ Visa Signature. It came with a 50,000 point sign-up bonus. But the real benefit is that the first 25,000 points are

janice lintz traveling with points

Seeing the gorillas in Rwanda was my number one bucket list item. Can you believe how close I am?

converted to $500 when booking a $500+ flight. The only issue is finding an agent who understands the program. I used the bonus to pay for a pricey plane from TNR>LVI.

US Bank’s Radisson card provided two free nights at the Radisson Blu in Kigali, Rwanda. I used points plus spend at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar so that I would still receive points, and get a better rate for my points.

Both properties were outstanding. I also used the Citi fourth night free program for my hotel in Mozambique toward the end of the trip when I knew I would need a little R&R.

For small hotels, I purchased gift gift cards when they were on sale to stack the discounts with coupons or free nights. I saved at least 20% on my stays. Calling or

janice lintz traveling with points

My Capital One Venture card paid for my pricey Microlight flight over Zambia’s Victoria’s Falls.

emailing properties directly sometimes saves money but not always. Sometimes, the OTA’s have better prices.

Also, thank you Capital One Venture card for an experience of a lifetime. Microlighting above Victoria Falls


How often do you travel now, compared to before you knew about traveling with points and miles?

Our family, including my grandmother always traveled extensively including when I was younger. After my siblings and I were grown, my mother was away so frequently; it was hard to remember her schedule. Travel is part of my DNA. The points have enabled me to continue traveling.

I travel when I can leave. Sadly, my divorce while final, continues after eleven years. Even on this trip, I was served yet another motion. It is mind-boggling how a person who has money can use the judicial system to torture another person. Traveling provides me freedom. Hence, I am writing a book, Passport To Freedom.


What are your upcoming travel plans?

My goal is to travel to all 193 UN countries and the Traveler’s Century Club’s (TCC) 327 destinations. To date, I have visited 116+3 UN countries and 160 TCC destinations.

I am in the process of planning my future trips, but one of my tours is to see the polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Again, the flights are on points.


What is your best tip for people just getting into traveling with points and miles?

The process can seem overwhelming. But, its best to start small. I always recommend a person who can manage credit, pull their three credit reports and go over them with a fine tooth comb. Make sure the information is correct. You don’t want a bank to decline you for inaccurate information. My credit report said I worked in a pizza shop and had a lien in Lewiston, NY. Neither was correct.

If there is wrong information, then contact the reporting agency. If they don’t correct it quickly, then file a report with the CFPB. It’s online and thanks to Senator Warren. The reporting companies resolve the issues rapidly. Then start with the Chase cards while you are under the 5/24 mark. But read a few 101 Points guides for guidance after you get your feet wet.


How can people follow you?

On my website: and on Instagram @janicelintz


Thank you Janice

Thank you for letting us dig deep into your travel experiences.  Your trip to Africa definitely sounds epic!  Can’t wait to find out more about your book in the future…


Would YOU like to share your points & miles journey on Travel Freedom?

We would all love to find out how YOU travel using points and miles!  If you’d like to be considered for a future “Traveling With Points” interview, please EMAIL US.  We’re always happy to hear more success stories in the points and miles community.

Photos courtesy of Janice Lintz

6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 18

There are numerous ways to save money on travel expenses.  While I talk about them a lot and it’s the main topic of Travel Freedom, points and miles are not the only way to save massive amounts of money while on vacation.  In fact, points and miles can’t always be used, so it pays to understand where you can save money on paid travel as well.  There are six valuable ways to decrease your costs and save money on travel, without downgrading.  I’ll explain each of them to you.



6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 19Most people only think of staying in hotels when they book their vacation.  What if I were to tell you that by instead booking a condo or house, you could save money and have more amenities.  You won’t have a buffet breakfast, and you won’t have a concierge desk, but do those things actually bring you any value?  What’s great about having your condo or house while on vacation is that it feels more like a home.  From my experience, it usually also saves you money compared to a hotel.  The best part of having a condo is that the condo has both laundry and a kitchen.  

There are many resources for booking condos and homes to rent, but I’ve used both airbnb and vrbo with nothing but success.  They are both very easy and have many options, everywhere that I’ve taken advantage of them.  I also try to find a property that waives their cleaning fee for a week or more stay to save even more money.



6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 20If you’re staying at a hotel with a kitchenette, or a condo with a full kitchen, you can save a bunch of money by preparing some or all of your meals.  Eating meals out, really adds to the travel bill.  Let’s just imagine a week vacation for two where you eat out for every meal.  If the average bill is $40, that ends up being $120 a day and $840 a week.  The way I like to save on food is to prepare most of our breakfasts and lunches, and prepare one or two dinners each week.  This alone can save you and your family hundreds of dollars, plus you’ll probably be eating healthier if you make it yourself.




6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 21Can you fly on Friday instead of Saturday?  Can you take your vacation the week after popular spring break dates?  Being just a little bit flexible in the dates you travel can save you quite a bit of money.  If you’re paying for your flights, many of the travel search engines like Sky Scanner, will tell you if it is cheaper to fly the day before or the day after.  Also, hotel room prices fluctuate depending on the dates you want to book, so one day may be half the price of the next.  It’s not always possible to be flexible on your dates, but when you can be, there is an opportunity to save money on travel.


6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 22FIND FREE ACTIVITIES

There are so many fun activities and beautiful sites to be seen in any city or region that don’t cost a penny.  Just go search on google “Things to do in (vacation destination)”  and you will find an abundance of places to visit that either cost nothing or are very affordable.  Often times these places are the most memorable activities from your vacation too!  Hikes, snorkeling destinations, architecture, museums, parks… There are so many possibilities for your vacation.  Don’t only stick to the touristy activities.  Venture out and I can guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun.



6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 23Depending on your travel destination, public transportation may be a viable option to get around.  It doesn’t work everywhere, but a lot of larger cities have very good public transportation.  You can take light rails, subways, trains, buses.  Uber or Lyft are other options to save money if you won’t be driving enough to warrant a rental car.  It’s available almost every now and continues to grow rapidly.  Rental cars can be very expensive depending on the location and dates of your travel, so it makes sense to look into alternative options.


6 Ways to Save Money on Travel 24USE MILES INSTEAD OF MONEY

The biggest way of saving money while traveling, and the whole reason I started Travel Freedom, is the use of miles and points instead of your hard earned money.  As shown in almost every blog post of Travel Freedom, you can earn miles and points without actually traveling to earn them.  Banks are willing to give out huge introductory bonuses for having one of their branded credit cards, which can lead to thousands upon thousands of dollars saved for you.  

Imagine using 50,000 points instead of $1,600 for your honeymoon flights, or staying for free with credited nights at a five-star resort for 3 nights instead of paying their typical cost of $500 per night…  You can absolutely travel abundantly without having to spend much money at all.  Points and miles are the number one way to achieve this.

Now that you know of these six ways to save some money on travel, get started on booking your next trip.  You know you need it!  If you have any tips on how to save money on travel, please share with everyone in the comments!

chase travel portal

There are two ways to redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards for travel. Either through the Chase travel portal or with Chase transfer partners. Depending on what type of travel you want to book and how much it costs, you may or may not want to use the Chase travel portal.


Sometimes you’ll get a better redemption rate through the travel portal and other times it will be better by transferring your Ultimate Rewards to airline and hotel travel partners. In this post, we’ll show you what types of travel can be booked in the Chase travel portal, when it makes sense to use the travel portal, and how to earn points to use in the travel portal.


Types of Travel that the Chase Travel Portal Offers

When inside the Chase travel portal, you’ll have six redemption options. The two most popular are flights and hotels, but you can also book car rentals, activities, vacation rentals, and cruises. Recently, I’ve found a lot of value in booking hotel rooms through the Chase travel portal.



Through the Chase travel portal, you can book flights on 250 different airlines around the world. While it’s most often more beneficial to transfer your Ultimate Rewards to an airline to book, if you can find sale flights, you can get very good redemption rates in the travel portal.



The Chase travel portal has an astonishing 272,000 worldwide hotels in their catalog. The largest of these hotel groups are Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton. Wherever you’re traveling, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place to stay that is bookable in the Chase travel portal. I was recently searching for a hotel on the Oregon coast and had no problem finding an abundance of options. Booking hotels with Ultimate Rewards through the travel portal typically is a good option for non-luxury hotels. A hotel that costs $120 per night will only take 8,000 Ultimate Rewards.


Car Rentals

One of the worst parts about travel is booking car rentals. It seems that there’s no way to get a good deal unless you’re just very lucky. Renting a car through the Chase travel portal can make sense if the pricing is similar to other sources (Costco Travel & Hotwire) because you can get 1.5 cents per point on redemptions with the Sapphire Reserve. Otherwise, it’s smarter to book elsewhere for a better deal.


Activities & Events

This section of the Chase travel portal is labeled “Things to Do”. When you click on the tab you’ll have to select a location and date range to see what activities are available. Searching in San Diego for an upcoming trip, to my surprise, I found that almost all the popular things to do there are available. The San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum, Legoland, whale watching are all available. Even cooking classes, tours, escape rooms, and special meals are available. Honestly, I had no idea this existed. I’m going to book a few fun activities for our upcoming getaway. PS: Who knew there were so many different Segway tours in San Diego?!? “Lookout! Here comes another Segway gang!”


Vacation Rentals

The vacation rentals seem to be condos that are run by large companies. It’s different than what you would find on VRBO or Airbnb in the sense that the condos aren’t actually individually owned homes. This section of the Chase travel portal could be a good place to book a condo for family vacation where you want to prepare your own meals.



The cruises section of the Chase travel portal actually takes you to a separate website. It looks like you can book cruises with Princess, Norwegian, and Celebrity but you have to call to book. Prices are listed in dollar amounts and range from $500 to $2000 per person, which should mean an Ultimate Rewards cost of about 33k to 133k points if you’re using the Sapphire Reserve.

Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal


How Much are Ultimate Rewards Worth in the Travel Portal?

Depending on which Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card you’re using to book travel in the Chase travel portal, the value of your points will vary. Each of the Chase credit card accounts will have a set redemption value ranging from 1 cent per point to 1.5 cents per point.


The secondary Chase Ultimate Rewards credit cards only have a redemption value of 1 cent per point, while the primary cards get a premium redemption rate. Points in Sapphire Preferred and Ink Business Preferred accounts can be redeemed at 1.25 cents per point. The king of value in the Chase travel portal goes to the Sapphire Reserve. Ultimate Rewards in a Sapphire Reserve account can be redeemed for the max value of 1.5 cents per point.


 Travel Portal ValuePrimary or SecondaryTransfer Partners Available?
Chase Sapphire Preferred1.25 cents per pointPrimaryYes
Ink Business Preferred1.25 cents per pointPrimaryYes
Sapphire Reserve1.5 cents per pointPrimaryYes
Chase Freedom1 cent per pointSecondaryOnly by transferring points to a primary card
Freedom Unlimited1 cent per pointSecondaryOnly by transferring points to a primary card
Ink Business Cash1 cent per pointSecondaryOnly by transferring points to a primary card
Ink Business Unlimited1 cent per pointSecondaryOnly by transferring points to a primary card


How to Book Travel with Chase Ultimate Rewards

To book any of the previously mentioned types of travel through the Chase travel portal, you’ll first need to login to your account. This will take you to the Chase Ultimate Rewards login page. You’ll then select “Travel” from the selections at the top of the page. From there, you’ll select which category of travel you want to book. The rest is pretty self-explanatory, searching for the exact flight, hotel, car, activity, condo, or cruise that you desire.



The Chase Travel Portal is Now Powered by Expedia

In October of 2018, the Chase travel portal began using Expedia to power its travel booking. With the travel search engine changes come a few changes to the way Ultimate Rewards bookings work.


The good news about this change is that Chase Ultimate Rewards customers now have access to more than double the travel options. Chase’s partnership with Expedia has opened up access to 272,000 hotels and 250 airlines, worldwide. Being powered by Expedia also lets you book 11 months in advance, which is 2 extra months.


The bad news about Expedia powering the Chase travel portal is that they no longer have low-cost airline carriers. Frontier, Allegiant, Spirit, and even Southwest are no longer bookable in the Chase travel portal. Southwest is the worst news of those, as you were able to book flights directly with Ultimate Rewards (at a 1.5 cents per point rate with Sapphire Reserve) and later add a companion with your Southwest Companion Pass.


Are there Chase Travel Promo Codes?

People are always wondering if there are promo codes that can be used for Chase Travel. There are not. In the past, there have been a few promo codes that worked in the Chase travel portal, but there is no longer even an input box for promo codes. There are other types of promo codes that have to do with Chase, but not in the travel portal. You can read more about them in our Chase Ultimate Rewards promo code post.

ultimate rewards travel portal


Is the Chase Rewards Portal the Best Way to Use Chase Ultimate Rewards?

With Chase Ultimate Rewards, you have multiple redemption options. This is what makes Ultimate Rewards so valuable. They’re the most flexible points that you can get with a credit card. But, which option is the most valuable?


“It depends”, of course. The answer to everything when it comes to travel points, it seems. Sometimes it’s more valuable to use the Chase travel portal and sometimes it’s more valuable to transfer your points to Chase travel partners. What it comes down to is how many cents per point your redemption will earn you.


For instance, if you want to book a hotel room that is a Hyatt category 4 hotel in the World of Hyatt program, you have two options that use Chase Ultimate Rewards. It will take 15,000 points if you transfer your points to Hyatt to book directly. If that same room costs less than $225 (including taxes & fees) on the Chase travel portal, you’ll be able to book it for less than 15,000 points (with a Sapphire Reserve). For this reason, if the room costs less than $225 you’ll want to book in the Chase travel portal, but if it costs more, you’ll want to transfer points to Hyatt to book.


Redeeming through Chase Transfer Partners Instead

Like in the example above, you can see that sometimes it’s much more rewarding to transfer points to a travel partner instead of booking through the travel portal. If a flight that costs $750 can instead be booked with 25,000 airline miles, it’s a far better option to transfer. In this example, using the transfer partner would earn a redemption rate of 3 cents per point. That’s double the redemption rate of using the travel portal, even with the 1.5 cents per point rate of the Chase Sapphire Reserve.


Below are the travel partners that you can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to at a 1:1 ratio.


Chase Transfer Airline Partners

 Transfer RatioTransfer Time
Aer Lingus1:1Instant
British Airways1:1Instant
Air France1:1Instant
Singapore Airlines1:1Up to 2 days
Virgin Atlantic1:1Instant


Chase Transfer Hotel Partners

 Transfer RatioTransfer Time
IHG1:11 day
Marriott1:12 days
Ritz-Carlton1:12 days


Travel Credit Cards that Earn Ultimate Rewards

All this talk about Chase Ultimate Rewards might have you wondering how you can earn some for yourself. There are seven credit cards that earn Chase Ultimate Rewards. Below are the four personal cards and the three business cards. They all have their own features and benefits that make them unique for earning points. Some of them even have some great travel benefits.


Personal Chase Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards

 Sapphire Preferred
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 25
Sapphire Reserve
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 26
Chase Freedom
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 27
Freedom Unlimited
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 28
Signup Bonus60,00050,000$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)
Bonus Spending Categories2X on travel and dining3X on travel and dining, 10X on Lyft5% on select rotating quarterly categories1.5% on all purchases
Annual Fee$95$550$0$0
Extra PerksBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance$300 annual travel credit, TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, Priority Pass Select, Lyft Pink, Door Dash statement creditsPurchase protection, extended warrantyPurchase protection, extended warranty
Best for People Who...Want a large introductory bonus

Like to Travel
Want a large introductory bonus

Want luxury travel benefits

Travel often
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simplicity in earning points
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Business Chase Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards

 Ink Bus. Preferred
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 29
Ink Business Cash
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 30
Ink Bus. Unlimited
Chase Travel Portal: How to Book Travel with Ultimate Rewards 31
Signup Bonus80,000$500 (50,000 pts)$500 (50,000 pts)
Bonus Spending Categories3X on travel, shipping, internet, cable, phone, and online ads5X on office supply stores, phone, internet, and cable, 2X on gas and dining.1.5X on all purchases
Annual Fee$95$0$0
Extra PerksCell phone protection
Primary Car Rental Insurance
Travel Insurances
Strong 5X Rewards CategoriesPurchase protection, extended warranty, free employee cards
Best for People Who...Want a huge introductory bonus

Spend money advertising online

Want cell phone accident coverage
Want a large introductory bonus

Want no annual fee

Spend money at office supply stores
Want a large introductory bonus

Want no annual fee

Want simplicity in earning through spend
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Decision Time: Travel Portal vs Travel Partners?

Now that you have all the details about the Chase travel portal and you’ve seen what Chase transfer partners can do, you’re ready to decide how to use your Ultimate Rewards. I suggest that when you are booking travel to check both options to see which is a more valuable redemption. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of not comparing. Come to find out I used 15,000 points when I could have used 9,500 on the same exact hotel. In certain situations, they can both be very good redemption options for your Chase Ultimate Rewards.

travel bucket list

This weekend our Miles and Points Success story was featured on Million Mile Secrets! I’ve always been a big fan of Million Mile Secrets. They were one of the first travel blogs I started reading. They helped me learn how to travel with points. Before being featured, I answered all of their Interview Series questions with the hopes of getting it featured on their website. Unfortunately, it turns out they’re not currently featuring those interviews. Instead of wasting all my answers, I figured I’ll share them here on Travel Freedom!  So, here are my answers to the interview series questions from Million Mile Secrets travel blog.


How and when did you start collecting miles and points?

-Million Mile Secrets

It all started with a root canal. When I saw the jaw-dropping price of my dreaded root canal back in 2012, I quickly started looking for a way to make some of that money back. While searching the internet for credit cards that offered cash signup bonuses, I came across a travel blog that caught my interest. It was the one and only Million Mile Secrets and it’s intriguing author Daraius, who explained to me, how I could get much more value by earning travel points instead of cash back.  


I had never done as much traveling as I’d wanted to do, simply because it was so extremely expensive, and I didn’t make much money following college. I jumped at the opportunity and applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card, and I’ve never looked back! It’s known as the “best first travel credit card” and is one that I often refer people to when they’re getting started. I’m now twenty-something credit card approvals deep, have earned nearly 2 MILLION miles, and have saved tens of thousands of dollars on travel. That’s not even the best part of it! I’ve had the chance to experience places and activities that otherwise, I would not have been able to. The world of miles and points has absolutely changed my life for the better!


Why did you start your blog?  What’s special about it?

-Million Mile Secrets

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to traveling using points, and more specifically points earned through travel credit cards. Most people’s first thought when they’re introduced to traveling for nearly free, using points and miles, is “What’s the catch?”. I help people who are similar to myself, who deserve to travel, get past these common misconceptions. My goal is to teach as many people as possible how to enjoy the perks of travel, without spending much money at all.


The Travel Freedom blog is just the beginning of the story…  Travel Freedom is a work in progress to become a larger travel company. It will eventually include travel courses focused on traveling with points, a mobile forum for talking travel with other like-minded travelers, and we will be a travel products manufacturer.  Obviously, not all of these Travel Freedom features have rolled out yet, but they are in the planning stages. We just launched the beta version of our course titled “1-2-3 Travel 4 Free” and it’s currently available absolutely free of charge.

stand up paddle board hawaii million mile secrets

Ryan, stand up paddle (SUP) boarding along the Maui coast


Starting a travel business is a mix of both worlds that pique my interest. Both, entrepreneurship and traveling with points, have been in my heart for the past few years. I continually learn and grow within each of these topics, so it only makes sense for me to take a shot at joining the two in an attempt to build an everlasting business. Having a business also allows you to apply for business credit cards that can get you even more free travel.


What’s the one single thing people can do to get more miles?

-Million Mile Secrets

Spend more money! No, just kidding… That’s a bad idea unless you can really afford it, and even then you can still get a lot of free travel, so why pay. The one single thing that will ALWAYS bring in the most miles, is applying for new credit cards. Always be earning an introductory offer. If you aren’t currently busy meeting the minimum spending limit for a new credit card, you’re probably not doing it right.


Just think of it this way: on your next $3000 of purchases, you can earn 3,000 miles (1x miles per $) on a card you already have, or alternatively you can earn 53,000 miles (~17x miles per $) or more if you’re earning an introductory offer! I’ll take the introductory offer after introductory offer, please!

Million Mile Secrets Hiking

We love to hike, especially when there’s water to jump into at the end!


What’s your most memorable travel experience?

-Million Mile Secrets

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit all of the main Hawaiian islands (some multiple times) thanks to miles and points. Each time I’ve visited, it’s cost me only about $11 per person due to a little trick. I’m sure some of you know about it. Using British Airways miles to book direct flights on their partner, Alaska Airlines, from the west coast to Hawaii. It only takes 25k miles plus the taxes and fees which currently comes out to $11.20 for a round trip!


British Airways is a transfer partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards, which means that there are multiple credit card offers that will give you two or more round-trip flights to Hawaii. This is actually the most common thing for friends to ask for help with, and I’m happy to help them. Everyone needs a little (or a lot) of Aloha in their life!


Some of the Credit Cards That Earn or Transfer to British Airways


Million Mile Secrets Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of our favorites.

As great as Hawaii is, it’s actually not my most memorable travel experience. My absolute best travel experience that is insurmountable, was flying to Virginia to meet my now wife, for the first time. We met through mutual friends, and had been talking 24/7, but lived a whole country apart. I was falling for her, so decided to put my points to use and go meet her in person.


We continued to hit it off and the rest is history! About a year later we drove her belongings across the country to begin living together in Oregon and got married in 2017. It was by far the best value per point I have ever, and will ever get through traveling with points! (PS: It was also my first flight ever in first class – that’s all that was available)


What Do Your Family and Friends Think of Your Miles & Points Hobby?

-Million Mile Secrets

Friends and family are usually very intrigued, but also somewhat skeptical.  It often comes down to misconceptions about credit that they have. I find it unreal what percentage of people have absolutely no clue how their credit score really works. Every time I tell someone I’ve had 30 different credit cards in 6 years and had my credit score climb, they seem stunned. The ones who can see past their credit misconceptions, and see how often my wife and I travel, want to get started earning miles and points for themselves!


I find that most people don’t really want to put in the effort to learn how to use points for travel for themselves. This is why I’m building a course to make learning as easy as possible. My friends who decide to jump in seem to have great success. For instance, my sister-in-law decided to use credit card points for her Hawaii honeymoon.

million mile secrets honeymoon

Sean and Amber on their two-island Hawaiian honeymoon! Congrats!


With a little guidance, she decided to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card. She put all of her wedding expenses on it. Within a month, she earned enough points to book their flights to Maui and Kauai, saving nearly $1,500 (that’s a lot of extra Mai-Tai’s they can afford now)! It’s definitely rewarding to see others find the power of points and knowing that I had a part in pointing them in the right direction.

Is there any tool or trick which you’ve found especially useful in this hobby?

-Million Mile Secrets

Oh yeah!  The power of the partner! I mean that in two ways, and I’ll explain each…


First off, using airline partners for booking can save tons of miles, and I’m all about efficient use of miles and points. For instance, the partnership between British Airways and Alaska Airlines allows me to regularly fly from the west coast to Hawaii for only 25k miles! I also plan on using a similar partnership to fly from the East coast to Ireland for the same amount of miles.


Second, having a points travel partner can pay off big time. Whether that’s a friend, a family member, or a spouse, it can help you both travel easier. If you have two people working together, that means you have twice as many credit card offers available to you. Where I’ve found this to be insanely profitable, is with the Southwest Companion Pass. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to study up. It gives you a free companion on EVERY flight for the year you earn it, AND the following year.

i learned about the southwest companion pass from million mile secrets

Year 5 and 6 of Having a Southwest Companion Pass! B1G1 FREE FLIGHTS!!!


So, say you earn it in February of 2018… That means you have buy-one-get-one-free flights using either money or miles for a whopping 23 months! Oh, and the Southwest Companion Pass can be earned as easily as signing up for two Southwest credit cards… I’m not sure how this deal still exists, but it does! My wife and I trade off earning it every two years so that we almost always have one between the two of us.


What was the least expected way you’ve earned miles or points?

-Million Mile Secrets

When I first began my journey in the world of traveling with points and miles, I would sign up for every single travel blog giveaway I saw. Surprisingly, I ended up winning the grand prize of a contest on Facebook that gave me 100,000 SPG points (Now part of the Marriott Bonvoy program)! I couldn’t believe it when they emailed me to tell me that I won. I figured it must be some sort of scam, but followed through, and I really did win. Those points went on to give me thousands of dollars worth of travel both through their hotels and their airline transfer partners. RIP SPG…

million mile secrets las vegas pac-12 tournament

We cheered our Ducks on at the PAC-12 Men’s Basketball Championship in Las Vegas


That actually wasn’t the only giveaway that I won. Within a year I won somewhere between 5-10 giveaways from different travel bloggers. I even won two separate giveaways run by Million Mile Secrets! If I remember correctly, one was a pack of Italian products from one of their vacations, and the other was a Swiss Army digital bag tag and travel garment sleeve! So thanks again, for all those giveaways, MillionMileSecrets!


Remember, there has to be a winner, so why shouldn’t it be you?!? These events helped give me the mindset “you won’t get it if you don’t ask for it”. I’ve found that it never hurts to ask for an upgrade or a discount. Whatever you ask for, may possibly be given to you!


I dare you to ask for a discount at Starbucks…


What do you now know about collecting miles and points which you wish you knew when you started out?

-Million Mile Secrets

Have a Plan! When I started out, I jumped in without much of a plan at all. I wanted to earn as many points as possible but didn’t know what in the world I was going to spend them on. If I were to go back, I would make tentative travel plans and then work backward to get whatever credit card works best for that specific vacation. I’ve found that miles and points are always changing, so it’s best not to hold onto them for long periods of time. They may become devalued while you hold them, or a better offer for those same points may arise.


What would your readers be surprised to know about you?

-Million Mile Secrets

I have an avid interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I’ve been involved in the space by learning and collecting crypto since 2013 when a friend informed me about it. Since then, I’ve had a wild ride of ups and downs with my crypto investments and ventures. Now, if I could just figure out a way to combine travel and bitcoin to create a new business!!! Let me know if you have any ideas…


I also love playing sports, but I’m getting to the age where my body doesn’t like staying in one piece when I play. My favorite sports are basketball, football and more recently soccer (thanks to Allison who played in college). Golfing is also a lot of fun and my body has an easier time keeping up with it.

million mile secrets bitcoin


Any parting words?

-Million Mile Secrets

If you’re someone who is interested in travel and has a good credit score, take advantage of traveling with points! SERIOUSLY!!! With the high prices of travel, and the willingness of banks to hand over free points, you might as well be getting something out of your good credit! There is basically an unlimited amount of points and miles out there for the taking. It might as well be you that takes them!


Earning points through travel credit cards has changed my life in ways I would have never expected. From flying to Hawaii by myself for a few days “just because”, to flying across the country to meet who would end up being my future wife, in first class. These are things I never would have imagined doing just ten years ago because I literally wouldn’t have been able to afford them. If you have an itch for travel, go ahead, jump right in. I’ll take a wild guess that you won’t look back!


If you’re interested in traveling like us, be sure to join our Travel Tribe newsletter below. It will help you learn how to earn and redeem points for free travel. We also run some pretty good giveaways that you’ll only hear about there.

chase quickpay vs chase pay

Many people get confused about the differences between Chase Pay and Chase QuickPay and often consider them one and the same. However, they are quite different. In fact, each of them serves its own purpose and the only real similarity is their name. Granted both services are offered by Chase Bank, but Chase Pay is a mobile service, whereas Chase QuickPay is a method in which customers can send and receive money to family and friends.


Let’s find out in more depth what the core differences are between “Chase QuickPay” and “Chase Pay”. Below we’ll detail how these two services offered by Chase work and what makes them different.

What is Chase QuickPay?

Customers who have a bank account at Chase Bank can use Chase QuickPay to send money to family or friends and can receive money from others upon request. Consider it more of a person-to-person electronic payment option that is similar to Venmo or the old Amazon Payments.

Chase QuickPay


Benefits of using Chase QuickPay

You may have noticed Chase QuickPay with Zelle, which basically means the same thing as Chase QuickPay. Zelle is a partner of Chase Bank who used to offer this service to Chase customers. You may be asking, “Can this service be used by those who are not a Chase customer?” The answer to this question is “absolutely, yes”. There are other banks that also use Zelle, which makes it easier for Chase customers to send and receive money using these banks.


Chase QuickPay makes it easy to split the costs of things with friends and family. When going out to dinner you won’t have to have the bill split five ways, annoying your waiter or waitress. One person can pay with their credit card and everyone else can pay their share to that person by using Chase Pay.


Other Banks that use Zelle Payments

  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of Commerce
  • California Bank and Trust
  • Bank of Hawaii
  • Bank of the West
  • Capital One
  • First Citizens National Bank
  • TD Bank
  • U.S. Bank
  • Union Bank and Trust
  • USSA


How to Enroll for Chase QuickPay using the App

You can enroll in Chase QuickPay in about two minutes by using the Chase mobile app or by going online to

  1. To enroll in the app, use your mobile device and sign in with your normal credentials.
  2. On the top left-hand corner select the menu button and then choose QuickPay with Zelle.
  3. Get started by entering the email address of your choice followed by checking the appropriate box to agree to the terms and services.

It’s as simple as that. You’ve just completed the Chase QuickPay registration process.


How to Enroll Online for Chase QuickPay

  1. To enroll online, go to and log into your account.
  2. In the navigation menu on the top left of your screen, select Pay and Transfer, then choose Chase QuickPay with Zelle
  3. Select the blue sign up box to move forward with the process
  4. Be sure to read the service agreement as well as the privacy notice, afterward, select the appropriate box and then choose next to continue
  5. You will need to add your mobile phone number or your email address so that you can be alerted when a payment is being sent or received. Select next to continue
  6. You will need to go through a verification process during this step using the email address or the phone number that you provided in step five. Once you receive the verification code, type it in the box provided and select the activate button which then completes your registration


Sending Money through QuickPay

When you’re ready to send money, simply get the email address or the phone number of the person that will be receiving the payment. If you need to set up recurring payments, you can do that too.


Requesting Money through QuickPay

To receive money, you can initiate the process by requesting money using the name of the sender and the phone number or email address and the amount that you are requesting. You can also select the option where the sender will determine how much they will be sending.


Alternatively, you may receive money that has been initiated by another individual. Meaning that you can receive money that you did not request.


Pros and Cons of Chase QuickPay

Some pros and cons associated with this transfer option consist of the following:





What is Chase Pay?

Chase Pay is a mobile payment option that has been set up by Chase Bank to make it easier for customers to make a secure payment online or through their mobile device relatively quickly. This service works with selected merchants by utilizing a wide variety of retailers.

Chase Pay


Benefits of using the Chase Pay App

The Chase Pay Service has been compared to Apple Pay and is known to be similar in many ways. Customers can use this service with any of their personal Chase cards. Including their Chase Liquid card and their Chase Visa cards. However, Chase business cards and the Mastercards are not eligible to be used with the Chase Pay service.


When paying you won’t have to search through your wallet or purse for the card you want. You can put all your personal credit cards on the Chase Pay app and pay easily. You also won’t have to carry as many cards in your wallet, helping with that sciatica your fat wallet is causing you. If you have a Chase Freedom card, you’ll often earn 5X Ultimate Rewards on purchases when using Chase Pay. In 2018, Chase Pay was featured in the rotating category bonuses 3 out of 4 quarters on the Chase Freedom Calendar.


How to Enroll in Chase Pay

Enrolling in this service is easy. Simply sign into your Chase account by visiting, then click on the navigation menu that is located in the top left-hand corner of your computer screen. Next, select Pay and Transfer, followed by choosing Chase Pay and then clicking on the blue Enroll button that is located at the top of your screen.


You will need to use one of your Chase debit or credit cards. You can do this by selecting the card of your choice from the drop-down menu. Whichever car you select will be the one that you will be able to use to make payments using Chase Pay. After the card of your choice has been chosen, select continue. That’s all there is to it. You’ve successfully enrolled for Chase Pay. The great thing about it is if you decide to change your settings, all you need to do is just go back to “Pay & Transfer”, followed by “Chase Pay”; then select the blue change settings option located at the bottom of your screen on the right side.


Where is Chase Pay Accepted?

Now you’re ready to begin using this service. It’s easy to use and works well with online payments that can be made from your mobile device. Here are some of the retailers that accept Chase Pay:

  • Fruit Bouquets
  • The Gap
  • Harry and David
  • Kung Fu Tea
  • Old Navy
  • La Madeleine
  • Potbelly
  • The Popcorn Factory
  • Park Mobile
  • Quiznos
  • Stockyards
  • Shell Gas
  • ShopRite
  • Tock
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Wolferman’s


Using the Chase Pay Mobile App

You can also make purchases using your mobile device by downloading the app. You can use your same login credentials that are used when you log in to


The app works a lot easier when the location settings are turned on. This allows you to see which merchants that are near you accept this Chase Pay payment option. It also allows you to see what offers and discounts are available to you.

Take the following steps once you have the Chase Pay app open:

  1. Once you get to a merchant that accepts this particular payment option, simply open the app, followed by selecting the blue “pay” button located at the bottom of your mobile phone or tablet. When doing so it brings up what’s referred to as the QR code. This will be needed for the cashier to scan. While in the app you will also be able to identify the card that you will be paying for your purchase with.
  2. Some merchants offer discounts and ways to save you money. To see those merchants that are nearby and can possibly save you money, select the More option that is located on the lower right side of your mobile device. Afterward, select Merchants to see a list of vendors in your area that accept this payment option.


Using Chase Pay on Your Computer

To make purchases online using the Chase Pay payment option, please follow the steps indicated below.

  1. When making payments while online, you’ll notice that it’s a bit different than using the app. While you’re online and shopping for various items, you’ll want to look out for the Chase Pay logo. It has been provided to alert you that it is available to you as a payment option. You may be used to seeing payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express, but now Chase makes payment options available for their customers too through Chase Pay.
  2. After going through the process in step 1, you will then be prompted to log into your regular Chase account. It will prompt you to the specific page so that you can select the card that you decide to use when making your purchase. You can either make a payment using cash or points (which is explained in more detail below.)
  3. Select continue so that you can choose the shipping and delivery options of your choice as well as provide your shipping information. Before the transaction is completed you will be able to confirm your order.


Paying with Points using Chase Pay

If you decide to pay with points instead of with cash (which was the option made available to you in step 2), then the points option is certainly available to you. However, generally speaking, using your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to pay for online purchases is not the best option because of the lower value you’ll receive. However, there may be times when it’s a better option for you based on your personal situation. In any case, you will only receive 0.8 cents for each point.


By alternately using your Chase Ultimate Rewards to book travel in the Chase travel portal or Chase transfer partners, you will receive at least 1 cent per point, and sometimes up to 2 cents per point or more. This is why Chase Pay is not usually a good redemption option for Ultimate Rewards. It basically reduces the value that you would receive for each point.


For example, the points that you earn using the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card are worth 1.25 cents each in the travel portal. Points that you earn using the Chase Sapphire Reserve are worth 1.5 cents when using the travel portal. In addition to that, you can redeem for a lot more per point when you transfer them to any of Chase bank’s travel partners.


Ordering Food with Chase Pay

Certain restaurants allow you to order directly on the Chase Pay app. Some of them even have special offers if you do so. For instance, right now I have an offer for $5 off my first Chase Pay order at Five Guys with no minimum order. I also have an offer to earn 3X points when I order at Five Guys with the Chase Pay app.


The other benefit of using Chase Pay to order food is that the food will be ready when you arrive at the restaurant. No waiting is always nice!


Pros and Cons of Chase Pay

Some pros and cons associated with the Chase Pay mobile app consist of the following:



  • Chase already has a solid customer base that it can tap into to capture a great deal of the market by using its loyal customers.
  • Is part of and backed by the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) system, a network of over 100,000 participating retail locations.
  • It uses the QR barcodes that can be scanned by any merchant that uses 2D barcode scanning.


  • Chase is a latecomer as far as the mobile payment processing market goes and still needs to compete with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for market share.
  • Merchants who aren’t associated with the MCX Consortium that supports the current platform will have some integration challenges.
  • Consumer usability issues are associated with a complicated check out process.


Popular Chase Credit Cards that offer Chase QuickPay and Chase Pay

 Sapphire Preferred
Chase QuickPay vs Chase Pay: What's the Difference? 32
Sapphire Reserve
Chase QuickPay vs Chase Pay: What's the Difference? 33
Chase Freedom
Chase QuickPay vs Chase Pay: What's the Difference? 34
Freedom Unlimited
Chase QuickPay vs Chase Pay: What's the Difference? 35
Signup Bonus60,00050,000$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)
Bonus Spending Categories2X on travel and dining3X on travel and dining, 10X on Lyft5% on select rotating quarterly categories1.5% on all purchases
Annual Fee$95$550$0$0
Extra PerksBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance$300 annual travel credit, TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, Priority Pass Select, Lyft Pink, Door Dash statement creditsPurchase protection, extended warrantyPurchase protection, extended warranty
Best for People Who...Want a large introductory bonus

Like to Travel
Want a large introductory bonus

Want luxury travel benefits

Travel often
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simplicity in earning points
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


Who Benefits from Chase QuickPay and Chase Pay?

Chase customers can benefit from both of these services along with most of their family members, friends, and retailers with whom they do business. By using Chase Pay through the mobile app or online, retailers that Chase customers do business with can receive more business when the service is used online or through the app. When the Chase QuickPay transfer option is used, those who know the customer can experience the convenience of using this service relatively quickly. Not only does it save time, but no additional cost or fees are associated with the transactions.

free travel

Travel Freedom will regularly feature interviews with people like you, who are using credit card reward points and miles for free travel. The purpose of this series is to get a glimpse into the life of a rewards traveler. They will demonstrate how free travel, using rewards points and miles instead of money, is real. They’ll show us how they’ve done it and how free travel is possible for anyone, including you.


This interview is with Ryan Kangail, the founder of Travel Freedom and an experienced rewards traveler.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m from Eugene, Oregon where I’ve lived for most of my life. My biggest interests are my wife (obviously), traveling, sports, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency.


As you may know, I’m the founder of Travel Freedom where I try to help people like myself, use miles and points to gain access to free travel (or at least very discounted travel). Travel Freedom is fun for me because I get to combine two of my passions: travel and entrepreneurship. It also helps me stay up to date with the world of free travel.

travel for free


How long have you been traveling with points and miles?

I’ve been traveling for free with the help of rewards points and miles since 2012 and have never looked back. My life has changed quite drastically due to my ability to access free travel.


How did you find out about the secret world of free travel?

This is a bit strange, but I’m sure many people who find the free travel community finds it in a wide range of ways. In 2012 I had a cracked root in one of my teeth, which meant that I would need a root canal (eventually led to an implant -ugh) which was going to cost a couple thousand dollars (double ugh). I was dreading both the procedure and the cost I was going to incur. But, I had remembered seeing ads for credit cards that would give you a chunk of money for opening an account, so I went to my good friend Google… After searching, I ended up coming across a few travel blogs which featured free travel, using credit card rewards.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

I started reading them religiously and decided to apply for a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card so that I would receive 50,000 points from the introductory bonus after paying for my root canal. (the bonus at the time)


Through my research, I also found out that using credit card points toward travel gives you a significant bump in the value received from the points. For instance, I used those Chase Ultimate Rewards points on travel and my points ended up being worth about 2.5 cents each. That made my rewards bonus worth a total of $1,250!


If I had instead redeemed those Ultimate Rewards points as cash back or for gift cards, they would have given me a value of just $500.


Looking back, I’m not too mad that I had to have a root canal and implant. Yes, it sucked, but it opened my eyes to the world of traveling with points and miles. It has allowed me to travel infinitely more than I would have been able to without this knowledge.

free travel credit cards


What did you use those first Chase Ultimate Rewards on?

I took a vacation to Maui, Hawaii!


As a child, I visited Hawaii a few times because my grandparents lived on Maui for about ten years. I fell in love with the islands then and had been wanting to revisit them as an adult. I was able to book my own round trip flight using just half of the points I earned through the Sapphire Preferred rewards bonus.


Since then, I’ve gone back to Hawaii more times than I can count on my fingers, visiting all four of the major islands. My wife and I even spent our honeymoon island hopping. We love Hawaii and will probably visit once a year for the rest of our lives. If you haven’t been, I suggest you go see what it’s all about. The best part is the flights usually cost about $11 because we use reward points.


Have you ever had an amazing or crazy story come from traveling with points and miles?

I’ll tell you two stories from my journey through free travel. One that almost happened and one that really did happen.


First, the one that almost happened…  If you’re involved in the free travel community for long, you’ll learn that airlines and hotels sometimes have what are referred to as “mistake fares”. Which are when something goes wrong with their pricing for a short period giving extremely good rates for flights or hotels. Travel bloggers often post these to social media and they are usually corrected by the airline or hotel very quickly.


So, one day while I was at work I got a notification on my phone that United Airlines had flights to Hong Kong that were possible to book using just 4 United miles (the equivalent of about 8 cents). I quickly found some dates that I thought I would be able to travel on and booked a round trip flight to Hong Kong.


Everything seemed good and I was even ticketed through email. But, with these mistake fares, sometimes the companies will honor them and sometimes they will cancel them. Unfortunately, they ended up canceling everyone’s tickets who got in on this mistake fare, but it was exciting while it lasted. I didn’t get to end up taking an 8 cent flight to Hong Kong, but it made me aware that these mistakes do happen and they often honor the pricing.


Now for the story that DID happen. In 2015, some good friends of mine mentioned that they thought their other friend and I would get along very well. They gave me her contact information and we started talking non-stop because there was an instant attraction. The only problem was that she was currently living in Virginia, and if you remember from the first question, I live in Oregon. Yeah, that’s 2,800 miles apart, making the first date quite difficult.


No worries, I travel for free with points and miles. I had American Airlines miles out my A*$ from a credit card rewards bonus and some promotions I took part in. So, I booked my ticket to fly across the country for our first official (non-Skype) date.  The rest is history and we are now happily married and thankfully both live in Oregon!


*Disclosure: Results may vary – Becoming a rewards traveler does not guarantee you to find your soul mate across the country.

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What’s the best credit card introductory bonus you’ve ever received? Do you remember what you redeemed the points for?

I’ve earned a few amazing bonuses throughout the years. The banks offering these credit cards with huge introductory bonuses sometimes decide to run special offers for even more points or miles than usual.


The two cards that stand out the most are when I got 100,000 American Express Membership Rewards points for signing up for the Amex Platinum card (learn more), and more recently when I got 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for signing up for their Sapphire Reserve card. Both are premium travel cards that give you access to things like expedited airport security, airport lounges, and elite status at hotels.


Both offers earned enough points for multiple vacations saving me thousands and thousands of dollars on travel. For instance, either one of those introductory bonus offers is enough miles to book four round trip flights to Hawaii. That’s a lot of free travel from just one credit card! Also, as mentioned, they both came with airport lounge access, which my wife now refers to as “Princess Traveling”.


What do your friends and family think of your free travel using rewards points?

They are becoming more comfortable with it now that I’ve been doing it for so long. In the beginning, I think they were a bit skeptical of how it was possible to earn free travel. They often wondered what the catch was. Now that I travel for free whenever and wherever I want to, for very little to no money out of pocket, while my credit score is just about as good as it can be, they’re starting to ask more about free travel and travel credit cards.


What are your future free travel plans?

This year, my wife and I plan on traveling to Mexico with some of our family, New Orleans to see a friend, and California a few times to see family and for a wedding. My wife is a teacher (summers off) and I just started a job that gives me more flexibility to travel, so we also have a lot of time available this summer to make even more plans. We could use some ideas, so send them our way!

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Do you use your miles and points to travel as much as possible, or to travel more extravagantly?

For the most part I try to get the most bang for the buck (or in this case bang for the point). We usually travel in coach and try to squeeze out as much free travel as possible with the points we earn. There have been a few times where we went for the extravagant travel though, flying in first class or staying at resorts that normally cost $500 a night, but those are more occasional. We like to venture out while on vacation, so the features of where we’re staying is less important than just a comfortable place to relax and sleep.


How often do you travel now, compared to before you knew about free travel with rewards?

Before I knew how to earn free travel using credit card reward points and miles, I would maybe travel once a year due to the cost of flights and hotels. Since learning about free travel, I would say I average traveling 6-8 times per year. My wife and I plan on bumping that up a bit in upcoming years because we would like to travel as much as possible before we try to have children.


What is your best tip for people who are just now learning about free travel?

Make a plan first, and then go for it!


When I started out, I just jumped in and got every good introductory bonus I could find without having a redemption plan. I ended up with some points just sitting in accounts instead of being used. Always remember that holding on to points has no value. If you’re going to earn points, there should be an ultimate goal to use them in the near future.


How can people contact you?

Right here on Travel Freedom is the best way.


I would love for everyone to join our Travel Tribe email subscription. It’s free and will help stay up to date on free travel and the best credit card offers. Also, feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to connect with you!