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A Note from the Founder of Travel Freedom | Ryan K

Sooo, where do we start… I’m a traveler, an entrepreneur at heart, an athlete, a creator, a problem solver, and I sure do love a good deal. The one thing that I want to become great at, is teaching. I want to teach you everything I’ve learned about traveling with points and miles over the past seven years so that you too, can enjoy nearly free travel.

You will be able to use this knowledge to travel whenever and wherever you want for the rest of your life. For the most part on Travel Freedom I’ll stick to teaching you about budget travel and deals, but I’m sure the other stuff will pop up now and again.

I’m an Oregonian and have lived within the state for the entirety of my life. It’s an amazing place to live and visit, but if you’ve been here during winter, you know why travel is a necessity. The sun decides to disappear for weeks at a time which can be a little bit depressing. Thankfully, I’m able to head to Hawaii, California, or Arizona whenever I need a little sun.

I graduated from the University of Oregon and am a die hard Duck fan. I love watching both football and basketball and have been a season ticket holder for basketball since 2013.

I’ve loved travel since I was a child when my grandparents lived in Hawaii. We would visit them every few years on Maui and I fell in love with adventure, and the islands. Ever since then, I’ve had a passion for travel, but never really pursued it much in my adult life until I randomly found out what “points & miles travel” was in 2012.

It has literally changed my life. I can travel wherever in the world I want without ever having to spend much, if any, money for flights and accommodations.

It All Started with a Root Canal

Yep, seriously, a root canal of all things changed my life through travel.


It may sound weird, but in 2012, after receiving the bad news that I needed a root canal in one of my teeth, I decided to do a google search to figure out how to recoup some of the cost. I had seen advertisements for credit cards that would give you points after spending so much on the new cards. While doing this search, I came across a few travel blogs that talked about how to earn limitless amounts of airline miles and hotel points to travel for next to nothing.

I started reading and researching nonstop. Once I felt comfortable with the situation, I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card (which I still have) and have never looked back.

What Traveling with Points and Miles Can Do for You

I’ve now earned millions of miles and saved tens of thousands of dollars on travel over the past 7 years. I’ve visited friends who live all around the country, traveled to every Hawaiian island (some multiple times), stayed at hotels that normally cost $500 a night (which I would never pay for normally), and that’s not all… I can even say that being a points and miles traveler contributed to meeting and falling in love with my wife!

Allison and I met through some of our closest friends and fell in love very quickly. The only problem was that I live in Oregon and she lived in Virginia… That’s over 2,800 miles separating us.

Fortunately, I was able to accumulate enough American Airlines miles to visit her four times over the following year until she decided to move across the country to Oregon where we got married in 2017!!!

Now we’re a points and miles travel family!

In 2018 we added a dog, “Ginseng” to our family. She has yet to fly but has gone on a few road trips.

My goal for Travel Freedom

The goal of Travel Freedom is to teach YOU how to travel for FREE as I do. I’ve spent thousands of hours reading, researching and testing all the ways to earn and redeem huge sums of miles and points, and want to pass on that knowledge to you.

Being able to travel freely, no matter your income or where you want to go in the world, opens a new door to adventure. I want everyone to know the travel possibilities that are available.

I hope to make you a Travel Freedom Pro and teach you all the tricks. Just follow along and enjoy the ride!

Ryan Kangail

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