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Union plus credit card

The non-profit organization Union Privilege was founded in 1986. Its mission, according to the organization, was to help improve the standard of living for working families by finding and offering them unique products and services. The organization has grown since its inception and currently has over 500 hundred thousand registered members. The board of directors is made up of top union leaders from more than 60 international unions.


The organization mainly offers members and consumers support, benefits, and rewards through various promotional offers. Union members are eligible for the Union Plus Credit Card which allows them to get discounts, cash back, and easy financing options.


Thirteen Major Benefits of the Union Plus Credit Card

One of the benefits offered by Union Privilege is their Union Plus Credit Card. The card has been used by millions of working-class families to get out of a bad financial situation and even reap the benefits of discounted offers on the market.


Labor Union members in the U.S. are eligible for the following benefits.


Get Cash Back on Purchases

Most credit cards give cash back to the users on making purchases and this is what makes them popular. The Union has negotiated flat 1.5% cash back for all purchases made through their Union Plus card.


There is no limit on the value of cash back that users can get. The more you swipe, the more discount you get.


Introductory Period of APR

Intro APR is a period of time where the credit card issuer charges 0% interest rate on purchases for a period of time. Many card-issuing bodies offer this benefit to attract new users. However, this benefit is not offered by all credit card providers.


The Union Plus card has an Intro offer period of 12 months where you do not have to worry about any interest fee payments.


Transfer Your Balance from Other Cards

The credit card is meant to relieve pressure from users struggling with financial difficulties. It allows you to transfer the balance from your other credit cards where you might be paying a higher APR to this card as it offers a lower interest rate. This can help you consolidate some of your debt into a single place. The card charges a one-time balance transfer fee of 3%. This is one of the lowest interest rates compared to other banks.


No Fee for Over Limit Usage

The best thing about the Union Plus Card is that there is no additional fee for going over the card limit. There is a credit limit on the card that is based on your credit score and income. However, if you go over the limit with this card, you will not get charged an additional fee. You would still need to clear the amount before your next due date to avoid penalty.


Zero Annual Fee

Most credit card companies charge an additional annual fee that can be somewhere between $20 and $100 based on the bank that you are using. This annual fee can put a burden on your finances, especially if you are struggling to meet payments.


The Union Plus Credit Card does not charge an annual fee. As long as you clear your card payments on time, you do not have to worry about any additional charges.


Take Cash Out Through An ATM

Most credit cards out there do not offer the function to take cash out on credit. This can significantly limit your options and make the card useless in situations where you need to make cash payments.


The Union Plus card allows you to take cash out when you need it. The card charges a fee of 4% or $10, whichever is higher, for the transaction.


No Additional Fee Abroad

Foreign transaction fee can cost a lot if you are traveling abroad. Most credit cards (and even debit cards) charge an additional fee when you use them outside the country.


The Union Plus credit card does not charge you an additional fee if you use it outside the country. You can take the Union Plus Credit Card abroad and use it to make payments without worrying about the transaction fee. There are no hidden or extra fees on the card.


Union Plus Rebates and Discounts

The Union Plus card gives special offers and discounts from time to time that can be used to purchase everything; from groceries, clothing, and electronics to paying restaurant bills and insurance. The Union Plus Credit Card offers some amazing discounts up to 40% from time to time. You can count on the service to get amazing seasonal discounts for you.


Skip Payment Protections

The Union Plus Credit Card offers the most benefits to labor union members. For instance, the card allows you to skip two payments on the card during a 12 month period if you face some kind of financial difficulty.


Moreover, the card allows you to skip up to four payments during a 12-month period if there is a union-sanctioned strike going on at your employer due to a lock out for 30 days or more.


Access to CreditKeeper

The Union Plus Cardholders are allowed to enroll in CreditKeeper. This service allows you to access your credit reports and scores from the three credit rating agencies. You can also access your driver’s records, medical records, and social security information.


Grants and Debt Relief

Very few credit cards are run by non-profit organizations. The Union Plus Credit Card is operated to make the members’ lives easier rather than profiting off of them. The credit card offers occasional hardship relief and assistance for members through grants and debt relief programs. In order to qualify, you must have been a member of the organization for at least 3 months.


Some of the financial relief grants that you can get include Job Loss Grants, Strike Grants, Disability Grants, and Hospitalization Grants.


Insurance and Other Coverage

The Union Plus Card also offers special protections and coverage for members. Some of these are mandatory while other offers allow members the choice of opting out.


One of the protections is a collision damage waiver. This helps members who rent a car using this card and end up in an accident. The card also offers identity theft protection coverage as well as price protection.


Scholarship Programs

The Union cardholders from the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees are eligible for scholarship programs for themselves, their spouses and dependent children. They can get a one-time scholarship from $500 to $4,000. Eligibility criteria apply.


Applying for the Union Plus Credit Card

The Union Plus Credit Card can only be acquired by current union members who are in good standing with a particular union. The card is also valid for family members of a current union member such as spouse and children and members of Working America organization. The card can also be acquired by retired union members.


Online applications for the card can be submitted via Union Plus – Capital One website or a partner site. You will need to fill out their application form and provide basic information including union local number, home address, birth date, and SSN.


Our Last Thoughts on the Union Plus Credit Card

The Union Plus credit card is a good option if you want a no-fee card that earns 1.5% back. Unfortunately, there are no options for redeeming your rewards for anything but cash back. There are better options available that earn 1.5% back or more and have options for redemption.



The 3 Best Alternative Credit Cards to Consider

Maybe you can do better than this credit card. If you have good credit, you should consider a few other options that will give you better benefits. The credit cards below are a few of our favorites, especially if you’re interested in traveling more. A few of these cards have signup bonuses that are big enough to redeem for multiple round trip flights. My wife and I used our Chase Sapphire Preferred signup bonus to book round trip flights for the both of us to Hawaii! It was well worth researching and getting the best credit card.


 Cash Back AlternativeCash Back AlternativeTravel Rewards Alternative
Chase Freedom
Union Plus Credit Card Review (BONUS: 3 Better Alternative Credit Cards) 1
Chase Freedom Unlimited
Union Plus Credit Card Review (BONUS: 3 Better Alternative Credit Cards) 2
Sapphire Preferred
Union Plus Credit Card Review (BONUS: 3 Better Alternative Credit Cards) 3
Signup Bonus$150 (15,000 pts)$150 (15,000 pts)60,000
Bonus Spending Categories5X on select rotating quarterly categories1.5X on all purchases2X on travel and dining
Annual Fee$0$0$95
Extra PerksBaggage insurance, trip insurance, rental car insurance
Best for People Who...Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want to earn bonus points on spend
Want no annual fee

Also have a Sapphire card

Want simple 1.5 bonus
points on every purchase you make
Want a large introductory bonus

Like to Travel
Learn More >>Learn More >>Learn More >>


Decision Time: Which Credit Card is Really the Best for You?

Here at Travel Freedom, we like to travel, which is why we always prefer travel credit cards for ourselves. You might be the same as us or maybe you’d rather use your points as cashback. Either way, all of these cards earn Ultimate Rewards that can be used for either travel or as cash back.


We think that any four of these cards are a better option than the above-reviewed credit card. They earn points that are both valuable and very versatile. You can redeem them for an assortment of things including our favorite, TRAVEL!

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Advertiser Disclosure: Travel Freedom has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Travel Freedom and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.